Flying chairs for elderly people

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Japan is always ahead in technology innovation. One of the new creation of one of the scientists in the “Sakura country” is a “flying chair” like in futuristic movies.

Tsunesuke Furuta, designers of this tool from Kobe Gakuin University says that these unique chairs made especially for the elderly or those who have a problem with the event moving.

This is also as an alternative way for those who are bored in a wheelchair and has a desire to try something new that has high technology.

Quoted from Tg Daily, Tuesday (2/3/2010), this “flying chair” is capable occupied by the user who weigh up to 330 pounds or about 150 kg. Ability of movement said to be stable, either walk backwards or forward, on the ground.

Even so, this magical chair can not be too high to float above the ground. In fact, only a few inches from the surface.

In a demo held at the Robot Fair in Osaka, Japan, flying chairs attract enough visitors. Occupied by an elderly, this chair moves floating exhibition space.

Only the rider seat still looks stiff to operate so that it still must be helped to move.

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