Evolta, a small robot that will walk as far as 300 miles

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Evolta robot

Evolta, a robot who becomes the mascot of the Japanese electronics company, Panasonic, has been known by a variety of amazing action, such as hiking the Grand Canyon.

Well, Evolta ever awarded the Guinness World Records will be re-stunning the Japanese public to roam the streets by doing a long march as far as 300 miles from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Reported by CNET detikINET, Friday (24/09/2010), assisted by a robot designer Tomotaka Takahashi, Evolta often appear in a different form. This time, Evolta shaped humanoid robot present an interesting little two-wheeled wagon-style medieval daihachiguruma, Japan.

Robot with only about 17 cm tall and weighing 997 grams is going to walk in a plastic cylinder that rotates, much like hamsters with wheels. The difference is, Evolta walking pulling carts are actually the Evolta 12 AA batteries for the energy source.

With speeds of two to three kilometers per hour, the robot is controlled with a remote control is expected to arrive in Kyoto on December 10, 2010, after traveling for approximately 49 days.

Evolta scheduled to explore the historic streets such as the Tokaido, the legendary and ancient route connecting Tokyo and Kyoto. For information, the tradition traveled on foot has been celebrated for centuries by artists in Japan. This is also done by Evolta.

Small Robot Evolta will go according to event organizers regulations. For instance, he just walked in the afternoon, may only recharge the battery once a day and not allowed to walk in the rain. All activities of Evolta monitored by the team through a computer remotely.

Evolta design team hopes that this little robot can get to Kyoto on time and again won the Guinness World Records. If successful, this action will make Evolta became the first humanoid robot that walks through the historic streets of Japan.

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