‘E-skin’ skin for robots

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"E skin" a skin for roboticsJapanese researchers (Tsuyoshi Sekitani, Takao Someya and their teams), University of Tokyo has developed “e-skin”, skin robotics allows the robot to have the sensation of touch.
Rubber sheet consisting of nanotubes allows the conduction of electricity, even when fully extended. Rubber is completely malleable and can even be applied to curved surfaces without losing its conductivity properties. The robot skin “E-Skin” can be used to create circuits that can be stretched up to 1.7 times its original size.
If associated with sensors, will allow The robot to make their artificial skin, and feel the heat or pressure, which the researchers will be critical if the The robot is an integral partof our time. The researchers also widely used for other applications such as to watch TV on  small screens, elastic and more comfortable for viewing.
The research team hopes to develop their systems and put it on the market in several years.

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