EMIEW 2, the roller skating robot guard

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Japanese electronics company, Hitachi, creating a roller skating robot capable of walking on uneven surfaces. In addition, this robot is also capable of carrying out orders and can work as tourist guides or security guards. Wow, great!

Humanoid robot named EMIEW2 has a complex spring shock absorbers in the legs. Tool that enables the robot to move across the small mound in the floor without tripping over wires.

“This robot can control the position like a man when it stabilizes itself after a jump in line skates,” said Yuji Hosoda, chief researcher at Hitachi’s department of transportation systems.

With a height of 80 cm and weight 14 kg, this robot has 14 pieces of helmet-mounted microphone and can hear a human voice even though the atmosphere around being noisy.

Equipped with wheels on both legs, this robot is also capable of sliding with a maximum speed of six kilometers per hour, equivalent to an adult walking speed.

“Robots that have a red and white colors can be used as receptionists and guides for visitors,” Hosoda said. “In addition, it can be used for such security patrols and find a hiding person, at the point of death from CCTV. EMIEW Robot is a new form of security oversight,” he added.

Quoted from AFP on Monday (6/21/2010), Hitachi itself has not announced when it will sell its products. Despite sounding like a bird from Australia – Emu – EMIEW name apparently stands for Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence.

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