Ebook: The Robot Builder’s Bonanza 3rd Edition

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The Robot Builders Bonanza

This is the great book about robots. In its third edition, it is more than seven hundred pages of information. This information includes basically almost everything there is to know about robotics modern, from converting a toy into a working robot to fancy electronics that manage functions such as speech (synthesis and recognition ) eyes, collision detection and avoidance through the computer programming will be required to tie it all together and make it work.

The book is designed for robotic experiments. This could be at any level of the person who works in the basement of his house to a student who wants to have a project for the science fair, and even more advanced experiments that may have a broad knowledge in an area, but needs know about other areas in more detail in their knowledge.

If you’re going to buy a Robot book, this is the great one.

What is in the book..?

Follow a plan or create your own design

  • Robot Basics
  • Parts and Tools
  • Practical Robotics Projects
  • Money-Saving Hacks
  • Construction Techniques: Plastic, Wood, & Metal
  • Computer and Electronic Control
  • Power, Motors, and Locomotion
  • Sensors and Navigation
  • Robot Programming
  • Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • List of Sources for Parts and Ideas

NEW to the Third Edition:

  • 30 Completely New Projects!
  • Hundreds of Helpful New Illustrations
  • Customizability Added to Every Project
  • More Materials and Tools You Can Use to Build Your Robots
  • State-of-the-Art Advances
  • More Help with Microcontrollers for the Beginner
  • Developments in Remote Control
  • Advanced Locomotion
  • Information to Turn Toys into Automatons
  • High-Tech Sensors
  • Suggestions for Robotics Competitions and Competing
  • 75% Fewer Bad Jokes

Download The Robot Builder’s Bonanza 3rd Edition from the following Download Link
Or buy the book at amazon.com

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