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build your own combat robot

This book has it all! If you are interested in information about building a combat robot, look no further. There are chapters on choosing the right motors, batteries and electronics. Want to get the most out of your motors? This book tells you how! There are even chapters on Robot Sumo with complete plans for building your own cost of Robot Sumo! Great book!

What is in this Build Your Own Combat Robot book:

  • Plan, design, and build your own battling robot
  • Discover how electric motors work and choose the right type for your design
  • Learn about both wheeled and walking robots
  • Incorporate creative weapons and armor on your bot–learn the pros and cons of spinning hammers, jabbing spikes, buzzing saw blades, and more
  • Minimize radio interference–so you can effectively control your bot to do what you want, when you want
  • Understand what goes into building fully autonomous robots
  • Save money on parts and equipment by enlisting help from company sponsors
  • Read true stories from combat roboteers and learn which types of constructions work and which don’t

Download the book from the following Download Link
Or buy the book at amazon.com

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