DustCart, the Robotic Garbage Collector

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Dustcart robot

European scientists develop intelligent robots that can navigate itself around the city to collect garbage from passersby.

This robot is named DustCart, this robot is the result of projects funded robotic EU. The height is almost the size of humans in general. DustCart has a slightly rounded shape, equipped with wheels for running and drawer where people put rubbish.

“We use the best and most advanced robotic components to build DustCart,” said  designer team coordinator for DustBot , Professor Paolo Dario, as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (7/2/2010).

“These robots will be very helpful to set” policy authority “garbage in all of Europe,” he added.

Despite the wide body look, DustCart can guide itself to explore the narrow field, down the street and city park.

Not only that, DustCart also features a camera and sensors that make it easier to see the intended direction. It will track path to scan and process information in order to avoid obstacles.

DustCart will approach the pedestrian who will take out the garbage, so they stay put trash in the drawer in the body. That way, the presence DustCart make people have no more reason to dump garbage in vain.

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