An drone aircraft that help lazy athletes in their exercise

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It is very difficult to have the discipline to exercise our own, those who go out jogging with a specific record, not everyone has, but to help all people to have a healthy life, with at least one period of time we present the AR Drone, a special device used to make amateur athletes encouraged to perform some daily activities.

This device has been called Joggobot, which specializes in encouraging us to do exercise, this UAV has been developed from a variant of Drone Parrot, and the operation is very interesting, because you have to keep in mind that this is dedicated to chase the runner thanks to a pattern that is generated by the shirt and whether it will disappear, which is very unlikely would land without any problem.

This curious device is expected to have a very simple operation, Joggobot only carry out programmed chase, which may also encourage us to maintain a constant speed in our practice or even to increase as needed, keeping the chase as long as necessary, after landing thanks to it is a robotic quadricopter that can develop from any area.

You can also set the speed and distance, and we can even decide on how much height drones will pursue us, it seems the perfect device for anyone who wants to make the sport motivated, if we use a dog before we can now enjoy a escort robot and motivator.

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