The Development of Robot

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People use robot to help them do any kinds of heavy things. Some people believe that this robot can do a lot of jobs that produces the easier duty for them. Robot is a tool that consists of system that combines a lot of knowledges and techniques. Many robots can develop well according to the system that completes them. Even, many robots can do a lot of heavy things that needs a lot of power.

The creature of the robots needs a lot of hard working that makes the counted and involves any survey. The counting process of navigation must be exactly right and never be changed. A simple robot is made as the experiment to regulate the behavior, navigation, and planning process. The navigation also has been developed well. It develops into autonomy robot. it provides commercial. This navigation system will be developed by VSLAM. Hekspada and platform are the next way. This system then makes the robot producing developing into the robot form into animal product. The trend directs to the great creature which has good flexibility and can adapt well.

The robot can reach a lot of attentions. This product can be controlled well when the producing system has produced well.

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