Creating animated characters with robots

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Qumarion mannequinA group of Japanese developers have designed a small robot that facilitates the creation of animated characters in three dimensions. The tiny computing device became known by the name of Qumarion mannequin, which has 32 joints in 16 different sensors, whose data are transmitted directly and immediately to a computer via USB connections.

The android was produced to improve the work in the field of graphic arts, to create animated 3D characters with real movements. Its creators say it was intended to be used as a toy for the manipulation of joints and to be a tool for cartoonists, as only must design the models in three dimensions and movements will be produced by the robot.

With this new device will accelerate the process of creating 3D characters, encouraging the use of virtual figures in the field of design as it allows to use a tangible doll to give life to the characters of anime. The other advantage is that it is simple to use and occupy a small physical space.
Will be available in the market at a price of U.S. $ 750.

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