How to create a robot with some paper clips.

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This robot is very simple and can be built with several components that can be found around your home. Maybe the only component that you buy is 2 pieces of SPDT switch.
Simple robot components
To make this robot you can start by collecting the components as below:
1. two motor at 1.5 volts each
2. two SPDT switches
3. two batteries
4. a housing for these batteries
5. one plastic ball with holes
6. three paper clips
7. some wires
More clearly you can see the pictures. When you’ve collected, then we can start making this robot.

Step 1
Cut the wire into 13 piece, 6 cm each.Cut wire to 6 cm
Now remove 1 cm of insulation of each wire at both ends with pliers or a knife.
Remove Insulation
Step 2
Attach two wires to the motor and the three wires to the SPDT switch with a soldering iron.
Make robot antena
Step 3
Take the case for the batteries. On the one hand, diverge from it red and black wires. Therefore, to the other side solder another wire.
Battery case
Now flip the battery holder upside down and glue with glue SPDT switches in the form of letter V.
Glue the SPDT Switch
Step 4
Next we glue the two motors on the body of the battery case. make sure they rotate forward.
Motor rotate forward
Step 5
Take a plastic or metal balls and drag the paper clip through the ball hole. Now glue these constructions for the battery holder.
Through hole ball
Step 6
Came the most difficult process. Need to properly solder and solder all wiring. How to do this is shown in the figure.

Step 7
So that robot can react to the environment around him and able to go around obstacles, we will do it by making an antenna. Take two paper clips smaller, straighten them.
Robot antena
Then attach them to the SPDT switch with glue. (or you may soldered through a switch).

Step 8
To protect the motor from the axis failure, we put on them with rubber. To do this, we can take the insulation from the wire and put it on the axle.
Rubber leg
Step 9
In this final step, we first create simple robot that reacts to obstacles and their tour. Now you can start having fun with your robot, of course plug the battery first. And to speed up or slow down the movement of robot, then glue the motor, as shown.

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