Again, Cornell Ranger Robot Breaks Record for Walking

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Look at the robot.., the shape is more like a toaster than a robot-legged runners. However, artificial robot team from Cornell University, the United States was able to print a new world record by running as far as 23 km ‘only’ within 11 hours.

Robot named Ranger is guided by the students using the remote control. Ranger can navigate as many as 108.5 times the distance of 212 yards / lap inside the stadium Barton Hall, Cornell University. This robot is also capable of making 70 000 steps before having to stop for refills.

Quoted from the Daily Tech News, Thursday (7/22/2010), formerly the Cornell University team has scored a record with a robot that is almost the same in April 2008. However, robots are only able to walk about 9.4 km. Finally, the record was defeated by Boston Dynamics BigDog is claimed to be able to walk up to 20 km.

One goal of creating robots runners is to showcase the energy efficiency of the engine. Unlike other walking robots that use motors to control movement. Robot Ranger appears more relaxed in a way to simulate the human gait that use gravity and momentum to help swing her legs toward the front.

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