Complete Robotics Tutorial in Video

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Here the complete robotics tutorial based on youtube video. There are 40 long time videos which will explain about robotics. Tired to watching this video online..? Then try to download the video using
Lecture 1. Introduction to Robotics

Lecture 2. Technologies in Robots

Lecture 3. Industrial Robots

Lecture 4. Industrial Manipulators and its Kinematics

Lecture 5. Parallel Manipulators

Lecture 6. Grippers Manipulators

Lecture 7. Electric Actuators

Lecture 8. Actuators – Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic

Lecture 9. Internal State Sensors

Lecture 10. Internal State Sensors

Lecture 11. External State Sensors

Lecture 12. Trajectory planning

Lecture 13. Trajectory Planning

Lecture 14. Trajectory Planning

Lecture 15. Trajectory Planning

Lecture 16. Trajectory Planning

Lecture 17. Trajectory Planning

Lecture 18. Trajectory Planning

Lecture 19. Trajectory Planning

Lecture 20. Forward Position Control

Lecture 21. Inverse Problem

Lecture 22. Velocity Analysis

Lecture 23. Velocity Analysis

Lecture 24. Dynamic Analysis

Lecture 25. Image Processing

Lecture 26. Image Processing

Lecture 27. Image Processing

Lecture 28. Image Processing

Lecture 29. Image Processing

Lecture 30. Image Processing

Lecture 31. Robot Dynamics and Control

Lecture 32. Robot Dynamics and Control

Lecture 33. Robot Dynamics and Control

Lecture 34. Robot Dynamics and Control

Lecture 35. Robot Dynamics and Control

Lecture 36. Robot Dynamics and Control

Lecture 37. Futuristic Topics in Robotics

Lecture 38.

Lecture 39.

Lecture 40. Futuristic Topics in Robotics

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