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Robot cockroachIf there is one animal who knows how to escape quickly, this is a cockroach. Knowing the nature of one of these insects. Now scientists from UC Berkeley found that the escape mechanisms used to implement the new robot designs. The technique consists basically clinging to the extreme of a surface and turn around to keep walking underneath.

This research project, led by Robert Full, University of California, studied the movement of cockroaches. A few months ago for a few trials, one of these insects disappeared before their eyes: “We were testing the capabilities of the animal to jump eggs, when we were shocked to find that it had disappeared,” says the scientist.

Watching in slow motion, frame by frame, the movement of these animals, the researchers were able to learn tricks on how they escaped. Without decreasing its speed, the insect is precipitated by the edge of the surface and, with one or two legs, as a hook, goes off to the bottom surface to disappear from view.

That’s why now is presented hexapod robot, called DASH that replicates the escape technique employed by cockroaches. “If you intend to search and rescue robots, more sophisticated and agile, you should look more nature,” said Robert Full.

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