China’s Noodle-Slicing Robot, Chef Cui (Video)

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Chef CuiRobots, named Chef Cui is designed to slice noodles that are served daily in the Asian restaurant. It may sound cliché, but in countries such as Japan, Korea and China, noodles are a very popular food in the lives of these people, and the design of the robot like this would be very helpful.

Currently this robot Chef Cui only sold in China, and the robot will do two things: cut and dried noodles in a large bowl of water. This new device is priced around $ 2,000, and the idea is to replace a kitchen assistant that year, would earn about U.S. $ 4,700 for the same job. Demand for this robot seems very surprising, because at that time it has sold a total of around 3,000 units, and there will be more.

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