Chilling song of the robot

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Voice of robotAt first glance, not so easy to identify this device as a progressive robot, and yet, it’s really advanced a project to make cars more like living creatures, especially humans. Speech apparatus robot is fundamentally different from the human, it usually plays the sound through speakers, while a man uses a complex acoustic system: the lungs, vocal cords, throat, mouth, traditional machines he did not need.

But the scientists of the University of Kagawa (Japan) is departed from tradition and built a robotic voice machine, built on the principle of humanity. The system includes a mechanism for conveying air, artificial vocal cords, trachea, tongue and lips, that is all that is necessary to simulate a real human speech. There is even a nasal cavity resonance for reproduction of nasal consonants. Pitch and the movement of the components of the vocal apparatus are controlled by computer. Yes, today it all sounds a bit scary, but a robot, by definition, can not sing flat during the singing.

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  1. Absolutely amazing!With this new invention of robots,all humanoid robots will be able to talk like human.Great!

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