Cally and Callo: The Twin Cell Phone Robots

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Canadian scientists managed to assemble two pieces of mobile robots. This robot is very unique, funny and amusing. Because, not only clever dancing, robots of this phone can even laugh and cry.

The two robots, named Cally and Callo. Cally has a height of seven inches, he can walk, dance and move to follow human movements.

Watch the Cally and Callo cell phone robots:

His twin brother, Callo, body of a little higher, nine inches. Face which is a cell phone screen, can display facial expressions of emotion in accordance with the received short message.

For example, when he received a message containing an emoticon smiles, Callo will directly stand on one foot, waving his hand and smiled … really funny.

Ji-Dong Yim, a genius student at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, which assembles Cally and Callo. He said, basically Cally and Callo is a simple offline system, which can mutually communicate with each other.

“As one of the robot is moved, the ‘brother’ would do the same movement, and vice versa,” said Yim, quoted from Popular Science, Monday (05/10/2010).

Cally and Callo, assembled from the Nokia N82 mobile phone, still have other privileges. Both can detect a human face using the OpenCV software. Cally can even guess the caller’s face when receiving calls.

“The same concept can be used to make other robots can communicate with people and build intimacy with them,” said Yim.

Other Cally and Callo cell phone robot videos:

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