Build a Robot in 2 Hours

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build robot in 2 hours
Build a robot is not difficult as you think… With no experience in electronics, you can make a robot easily in 2 hours 🙂

Ho it can be..?
There are many robot tutorial has been written and published through blog or web. I found interesting robot tutorial from this web. The author said that he build the robot just in 2 hours, you also can see the video there… just visit the web…

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6 thoughts on “Build a Robot in 2 Hours

  1. iwant to desin a robot to my own so please send me some matter to my email
    thanking you……………..

  2. i wanted to do line follower robot using kell software . can i get some basic idea and programmes in
    ” c ” language….
    if u have any mail me….

  3. HI ! this s prem from CHENNAI ,INDIA. Am a pre-final year engineering student . i like to do a project in ROBOTICS . My intrest is in LINE SENSOR AND FOLLOWER . I like to use PIC16F877 MICROCONTROLLER . i dont know how to program it . I prefer to use ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE PROGRAM . WILL ANYONE HELP ME . THANK U . MY MAIL ADDRESS IS “”

  4. i want to design a robotic arm using keil/any microcontroller software . can i get some basic idea of programmes and complete circuit diagram.
    c language and jpg image.
    if u have any mail me….

  5. i wand to build line following robot using micro”C”c programming sowftwear,and i want to know about circuit diagram and basic things about programming.

  6. i am be e and i final year student. i would like do make a robotic arm with more then 4 degrees of freedom. if you have anyone ideas are basic documents and video tutorials send me or send link also to me my gmail id is

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