Book: C Programming for AVR Microcontrollers

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c programmingThis can be used as reference book for  AVR microcontroller programming. As we know, AVR family is cheap, easy and the most used microcontroller in Robotics.

By the time you complete the text and projects you will:

• Have an intermediate understanding of the C programming language.
• Have a elementary understanding microcontroller architecture.
• Be able to use the WinAVR and AVR Studio tools to build programs.
• Be able to use C to develop microcontroller functions such as:

    – Port Inputs and Outputs
    – Read a joystick
    – Use timers
    – Program a Real Time Clock
    – Communicate with PC
    – Conduct analog to digital and digital to analog conversions
    – Measure temperature, light, and voltage
    – Control motors
    – Make music
    – Control the LCD
    – Flash LEDs like crazy

Download ebook C Programming for Microcontrollers
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5 thoughts on “Book: C Programming for AVR Microcontrollers

  1. i’m so intrested in having e-books about robotic and AVR. That would be nice of you to help me.

  2. hey i was trying to download it now, but the site says, link not valid. could u re-post or re-attach the link or re-upload it?

  3. thnakx for making this book available even for the robotic hobyist from the underdeveloped countries who dont have enough money to order amazon or ebay.

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