Blind man will drive a car tomorrow

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Blind man will drive a car tomorrow
No, you don’t need to stay off the streets. For one, Mark Riccobono will be driving on a closed-circuit course at Daytona International Speedway. But the bigger reason is that Riccobono, despite being legally blind, should be perfectly safe behind the wheel of Ford’s new blind-accessible vehicle. read more
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With Artificial Retinas, a Robot Balances a Pencil [Video]
Advancing the important cause of robotic party tricks, Swiss researchers also solved a visual processing problem. Swiss researchers have developed a robot that can balance a pencil. New Scientist informs us that pole-balancing is, apparently, a “well-known exercise in robotics research.” But roboticists weren’t able to make a robot that balanced a “pole” as small as a pencil–until the Swiss …
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NASA Reveals New Tech Ideas to Explore Final Frontier
For the first time NASA has solicited public input in discussing future space technology.

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