Bjork robot video clip took second place among the greatest video of all time

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robotic video clipMTV channel among audience voting on the definition of “the greatest film of all time.” Second place in the rankings “great clips” on the song go to the Bjork «All is Full of Love», representing the singer in a robot.

Video clip of 1982 for the song «Rio» of Duran Duran took first place.A “bronze” medal is an animated video «Take On Me» Group A-HA, where Morten Harket cartoon character turns into a living person. Pop legend repeatedly voted the best music videos of all time from various surveys «Thriller» Michael Jackson won the vote in fourth place at this time. Then they settled for a surreal clip «Svefn-g-Englar» Icelandic group Sigur Ros (5th place), the classic «Smells Like Teen Spirit» Nirvana performed and extras (6th) and the enigmatic «Just» Radiohead (7 – position). Ten closed the «Virtual Insanity» Jamiroquai, scandalous video «Like A Prayer» Madonna and humorous video for the song «Here It Goes Again» American indie band OK GO.

Participated in the voting of more than 40 thousand people MTV. Clip «All Is Full of Love» was filmed by producer Chris Cunningham (Chris Cunningham) in 1999. Bjork All Is Full of Love Source:

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