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BEAM robotCreating BEAM-robots – it’s not just the manufacturing process or a fascinating hobby. BEAM – an entire culture, with its philosophy, aesthetics, and a tremendous level of creativity. There are people who think BEAM-bots are not just a cult phenomenon, but a kind of religion. This is partly true. Although, if you talk about in terms of BEAM robotics, we can all be argued that the idea of ​​BEAM is a new technological paradigm and philosophy in modern robotics.

BEAM-robotics was born in 1989, when November 10 at the Laboratory of the University Waterloo MFCF Hardware Tildenom Mark (Mark W. Tilden) was created with a simple robot BEAM-class solaroller. For 20 minutes, under the rays of sunlight, the robot was able to overcome a distance of 15 centimeters.

BEAM-robot concept, proposed by Mark W. Tilden, was that the response to external factors should be at the first stage of the machine itself, without any “brain”, as it happened in nature, on the way from the simplest to the man. The same path should go to improve and create more complex systems, a kind of “robogenetika” through “robobiology.”
Mark W. Tilden
Borrowing ideas from evolutionary nature, Tilden decided to build simple robots that are similar to living creatures and governed primarily by neural circuits. The new approach was called BEAM, which means:

  • Biology
  • Electronics
  • Aesthetics
  • Mechanics

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