BEAM robot types

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Here are some examples of the type of BEAM robots :

Solaroller – a small robot on wheels that moves through the energy produced by solar batteries. The functioning of the robot consists of two phases: phase accumulation of energy in a capacitor and a phase when the capacitor is rapidly discharged into the electric motor. Depending on the design, solarroller on a single charge can travel from a few millimeters to a few steps.

PhotovorePhotovore – these are two solarroller’a connected together. The basis of such robots is Photovore response of phototropism, which causes them to move to the brightest source of light. The main sensors are photoelectric sensors such robots, to determine the direction of the light source. Often, robots equipped with tactile sensors to detect and circumvent obstacles encountered on the road. Mechanical scheme Photovore usually very simple: robots do not use gears and move directly on the axes of the two motors.
Walker – walking robot, referring to the most numerous class of BEAM-robots. The most common robots in this class have four legs driven by two motors. Number of legs and modes of transportation in walker’ov not limited. The electronic circuits are most commonly used neural circuits built on the oscillators. This is not a complete list of classes BEAM-robots that can be counted more than two dozen. There are also stationary robots.

Pummers, which accumulate energy during the day, which they use after dark to colorful lighting effects. Like nothing on earth.

Turbots , moving on curved “arms”, and many others.

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