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Legway robot ballancingThis Self balancing LEGO robot idea may be somewhat outdated, but I want to discuss it because the ideas are simple and easy to build using LEGO robots.

Balancing robot on two wheels is a little complicated in design realization for some people, this is partly true. Making such robots require accelerometers, gyroscopes and sophisticated software. But in fact, a simple balancing robot can even be built from Lego parts using a relatively simple sensors and a set of Lego Mindstorms. It’s like a Lego robot that was built in 2003, by Steve Hassenplug. Steve called it LegWay Lego robot and uses two optical proximity sensor EOPD (Electro Optical Proximity Detector) from HiTechnic. Lego robot device is easy to understand just by looking at the photo above. Two sensors mounted in such a way as to control the distance to the surface along which the robot moves. If the distance to the surface beneath the sensor is reduced or, conversely, increases, the robot produces the appropriate motion with the flattening of the engine. Steve Hassenplug Lego robot is able to balance, to walk in a line or circle on the ground.

Sensors LocationA more stable structure of the proposed James Matthews in November 2004. He uses standard LEGO sensors that respond to reflected light, put them in front of and behind the robot. This design allows the robot Lego to create a more stable balance, but in order to run on the phone, you should use additional sensors. The code that controls the robot is very simple. James Mafius write with NQC, using BricxCC software environment. Maybe if you use this code you will need an individual sensor calibration.LEGO Legway ballancing


Task main ()
/ / Setup

/ / Now balance!
until (false) {
OnFwd ( OUT_A );
OnRev ( OUT_C ​​);
Wait (1);
OnRev ( OUT_A );
OnFwd ( OUT_C ​​);

Balancing Lego robot can be constructed from a set of Mindstorms NXT. Philippe Hurbain proposed the construction of a robot using only one sensor. The robot called Philip NXTway .


To write a program used by NBC and BricxCC programming environment. Compiled program can be download here. To load a compiled program in the NXT using the download button on the panel in a standard programming environment, Lego Mindstorms NXT. In February 2007, Ryo Watanabe of Waseda University, who inspired design lego-robotics Hassenplug and Hurbain, has created a sophisticated version of the balancing robot using a gyro-sensor. Robot named NXTway-G.

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