Artificial Heart Extends the Patient Life

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A child from Italy became the first man who planted a robot heart. Last week, 15-year-old boy had undergone surgery for 10 hours and is now reportedly in good condition and receive intensive care.

When the boy was adjudged to have Duchenne’s syndrome disease or genetic disorder that causes weakness in muscles, he also reportedly could not get a heart transplant. In order to save her, the surgeon had decided to use an artificial heart.

Quoted by the Daily Mail on Monday (4/10/2010), the doctor, Antonio Amodeo perform the surgery at the hospital children’s Bambino Gesu in Rome, Italy. Hospital officials expect the artificial heart is to allow time for the child 20-25 years to live.

“This device is an electric hydraulic pump has been activated and is located in the chest to reduce the risk of infection,” said Amodeo which also explains the artificial heart with a length of 2.5 inch was mounted inside the left ventricle and connected to the aorta.

The battery itself is positioned behind the left ear and is connected with a belt that serves to charge artificial heart, just like cell phones.

“This is the first time the tool used by the children and would give her life any longer,” he concluded.
Note: of course with the wish of God.. 🙂

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