Arduino Hardware (Part 1)

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Arduino boardIn this article, We will discuss about the Arduino hardware for those who are beginners. I will only summarize the important things and this article will be presented in two parts.

Arduino board USB to serial adapter
The first thing you need is an Arduino board. There are several models, and we even can build our own board. The Arduino is “open hardware”, which means that the design is freely distributed and used. All schemes are required to integrate our board has been widely available on the web.

Especially for beginners, we recommend purchasing one of the models distributed through the web Arduino ( board specific serial (RS232) and USB. While the model serial have to weld all the elements (resistors, capacitors, etc …), the USB model is now ready for use.

Depending on the model of the Arduino board that we want to choose a serial or USB cable. A serial cable must have two connectors at the end of the DB-9. One male (to connect the board) and one female (for connecting to PC). It is very important to check that the serial cable is not of type “NULL MODEM” because it is useless.
Serial and USB cableThe USB cable must be as shown in the image above. With a type A connector (for connecting to PC) and one type B (for connecting to the board) at their ends no mistake with mini-USB cable which is usually used with smaller devices such as cameras and readers cards.

While in case of the USB card it is not necessary to use an external power source, since the same USB cable is provided, in the case serial board is necessary to have an external source.

You can use a DC power supply or battery / battery with appropriate connector. But nevertheless recommended the use of power supply and should not be considered a replacement battery if you run out of charge.

In both cases the source voltage can be between 6 and 25 volts, and the polarity of the connector should be as shown in the picture.

Arduino power supplyAn important issue to consider is that the USB board gives us the ability to power the board through an external power source. The following figure shows the position where it must be a “jumper” to feed the board through the USB cable. If placed in another position the board can take power from an external source.External power source jumper select

PC / LAPTOP +-USB to Serial Adapter (optional)
To program the board is required to have a PC or laptop with a serial and / or USB to connect to the Arduino board. This is necessary to consider the type of plaque when we connect, as well as the availability of the serial / USB from our equipment.

Arduino board USB to serial adapter
Currently, most PC-s has a serial and USB ports, though often difficult to find a laptop with a serial port. When using the serial board and serial port is not available it is necessary to have a USB to serial cable converter.

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