Application of Robotics for the Good of Mankind

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Application of Robotics is growing rapidly nowadays. Developing industries such as by-product processing industry and military army are really helped due to the existence of technological robot. It is impossible to imagine how a human could lift an extremely heavy object such as car orders. It is also impossible for army to fly in such dangerous area without robotics surveillance aircraft. What an incredible human’s thought evolution. Moreover, the technological evolution is getting expand from time to time. The scientists and robotics lovers certainly have worked hard to invent such ‘magical formula’ to create robot to help human. Later, not only god but also robot is able to be human’s buddy.

the application of robotics

Application of Robotics for World Health

Human, now, utilize robot not only in such company industry and military army but also in the most important domain of human which is world health. The Application of robotics is called application of robotics engineering focusing on application of robotics laryngeal surgery. The technology has been applied in laryngeal cleft and pediatric cadaver larynxes surgeries. The surgeries were conducted by team of doctors in Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Disorders, Anesthesia, and Urology, Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard School, Boston, Mass, USA.

The robot that is utilized is named The Da Vinci Surgical Robot and it is produced by Intuitive Surgical Inc. The objective of operation is to assess the application and safety of transpolar robotic surgery in the pediatric airway. Two advantages of Da Vinci Surgical Robot are, firstly, used on 4 cadaver larynxes and assessed for the dexterity, precision, and depth perception that it allowed the surgeon during laryngeal surgery. Procedures were documented with still and video photography. Secondly, The Da Vinci Surgical Robot was used through a transoal approach to attempt repair of a laryngeal cleft in 5 pediatric patients who were under spontaneously breathing general anesthesia. The Da Vinci Surgical Robot has proved application of robotics becomes useful.

Application of robotics was successfully done. The result was the use of the surgical robot on cadaver larynxes provides great dexterity and precision, delicate tissue handling, good 3-dimensional depth perception, and relatives easy endolaryngeal suturing. In conclusion, the application of robotics technology is that surgical robots provide the ability to manipulate instrument at their distal end with great precision, increased freedom of movement, and excellent 3-dimensional depth perception. The size of the equipment can be a limiting factor with regard to the application and success of the transpolar approach to airway surgery. “We believe that further advance in devise technology and a new generation of robotics equipment will facilitate the incorporation of surgical robotics in the advancement of minimally invasive endoscopic airway surgery,” stated one of surgeons. You can visit for further information about the surgeries.

Application Of Robotics: How Significant Is The Integrated System?

Technological world has been widened rapidly. Many experts have struggled for some efforts to compete in the technological fight. You certainly understand that whenever the era is getting inflated, people, of course, have to customize with extra efforts. There is no space for failure and mistake, not at all. In the robotics world, similarly, there is no spot for mistakes for application of robotics. What would happen if The Da Vinci Surgery Robot wrongly recognized between larynx and intestine? Or what would happen if spy robots wrongly inspected a suspect school as headquarters of terrorists?

That is why many scientists pay more attention for integrated system for this important field which is application of robotics integrates. Note for the following statement: automating using robot system integration will increase efficiency, productivity and quality control. It is obviously seen that system integration will refine the application of robotics.

Application of Robotics: the tasks

This is the world that we inhabit. The growth rate is compatible with its perfectness. Application of robotics, as you know, demands perfectness either in industry, health or military. In short, in all aspects in which robot takes part, it would be better if the existence of robot does not harm humans’ live. That is the main point of application of robotics.

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