Aldebaran Robotics: Nao

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Nao Robot is great…

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25 thoughts on “Aldebaran Robotics: Nao

  1. the infrared wifi voice is programmable, so the red one can hate the blue one,
    thats cool and nice PC programming.
    but i got a error in my own robot,
    he is trying to pick up the floor because he thinks that is a object,

  2. like that robot would understand that telling the truth could have a negative effect and therefore tells a lie. i sure believe that

  3. Too bad the demo video cuts out the real noise the robot makes, that high pitched gyro gear/whiney noise. . .

  4. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    i wish i had one!! @. @, im here wondering like what year will these be realieased

  5. “about โ‚ฌ10,000 (or roughly $15,600)” If you’re single and have that kinda money; give me a call.

  6. Great potential (for slightly bigger bots), imagine having an open source SDK and hundreds of hobbyists making and sharing programs with various functionalities mods and tweeks that can be downloaded into such robots. Utility(clean floor, scrub the toilet, scoop and dump the cats litter, etc) good for handicaped, with internet link you could feed the dog/cat and water plants remotley while on vacation), pick berries

    Its only a matter of time before a lot more manual labor can be automated

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