Aimec: Robot as a Substitute for a Child

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Not having children or pets do not make a British couple was disappointed. With his background as a toy maker, Tonny Ellies and his wife, Judie create a  home robot that serves as their “children”.

“Meet the 21st-century family,” said 54-year-old man patting the shoulder Aimec robots. Yes, Aimec is a robot boy with a height of about 120 cm.

As quoted from the Daily Mail, Monday (16/08/2010), Aimec or Artficially Intelligent Mechanical Electronic Companion 3 was created with an attitude like humans. Even he is smart enough to make jokes, snoring during sleep, and squirm when she wakes up.

Not only that, the robot is connected to the internet via wireless connectivity that enables it to find things that she did not understand. He also connected with the household appliances that can turn on the television, lights and all other electronic goods. Aimec robot can detect the sound. Aimec with one eye is also capable of running on the wheel according to a map of a house, or follow someone.

Ellis who has long created the mechanical and digital toys that have been enjoyed by millions of children worldwide are hoping that the prototype Aimec could become the first commercial robot to affordable and useful at home.

“Ten years from now every home would have a robot. They will help cut the grass, cooking, cleaning and other jobs,” said Ellies as she says robots will be available in stores at a price of about USD 256

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