African Students Make Robot from Old TV Sets

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This is an old story, but this will be great for our inspiration.. πŸ™‚

A student of origin of Togo, Africa, was able to prove that to make a robot does not have to always use the material and sophisticated tools. Electronic scrap can be used to make robots. Do you believe?

Sam Todo, is the name of the teenager who is a genius, have proved the above statement. Armed with equipment and materials improvise, he was able to create a humanoid robot that can walk, not least by Asimo, a robot made by Japan’s giant automobile company, Honda.

Even Sam, you could say ‘more intense’. Because, capable of designing and building a robot that most of the material comes from electronic junk, including broken CRT TVs, and other electronic materials.

Robot is called SAM10. Indeed, viewed from the appearance, SAM10 still lose cool than Asimo. But in terms of capability, innovation, and perseverance, he should be proud.

Quoted from Gizmo Watch, Friday (04/16/2010), Sam hopes the robot creations will not only be able to simply walk. But it also could be developed into more intelligent, as can measure distances and through obstacles of an object.

“In Africa there are many young people are not so interested in science. But my ambition is to bring Africa to young people interested in science so that they can create what they want,” Sam said.

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