Advice on starting a robotics club and picking a name for it?

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I’m gonna start a robotics club at my school, but as of right now I know very little about robots. I know I can research them and stuff so that’s not much of a problem. My main concern is what to do with the club to keep it active and stuff. Does anyone have any advice for leading a robotics club at an all girls high school? And does anyone know of any cool names that I could use for the club instead of just calling it “The Robotics Club”?

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7 thoughts on “Advice on starting a robotics club and picking a name for it?

  1. bot….club?
    well my high school calls it botball but it may not work with what ur aims are.
    Im sorry Im no help.

  2. It depends on what base system you are planning on using. I have personally used the Lego Mind storm, Vex (Used in the First Robotic Competition), and have built multiple. The Lego Mind Storm would be the easiest to use, and because of this you would probably be able to retain more members because of its simplicity. And to be a good leader you have to be able to resolve almost all the problems you would encounter with the robots. I would suggest taking some classes on the robot system you are using. As for names, i’m sorry, i can’t help you there. =/

    Hope that helps!

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