Advantages of Robotics

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Robotics is the science and technology of robots, and their design, manufacture, and application. There are many advantage of . Here some some advantages of robotics assembly in industrial:

  • Increase Productivity with Shorter Cycle Time
  • Increase Quality of Product, Process and Work Environment
  • Increase Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Reduce Scrap and Manufacturing Costs
  • Compete Better By Reducing Undesirable Tasks
  • Improved Worker Safety
  • Decrease Floor Space
  • GUI Setup for Fast & Easy Operation
  • Cluster Machining in One Cell
  • Automatic Changeover for Different Products
  • Re-Program Equipment for Different Process
  • Stabilizes Production

And here the Advantages of robots

  • Robotics and automations can increase safety, reliability, production amount, profit, quality and quantity of products in a lot of cases.
  • They can do jobs in dangerous situations and save lives of thousands of people.
  • They do not care about the comfort of their environment. Human needs such as hunger or depression have no meanings for them. They do not get tired.
  • Their accuracy is so high and is in the range of millimeters or even micrometers.
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