ABU Robocon 2011 Bangkok Theme and Rules

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Here’s a theme and rules of the Asia Pacific Robot Contest, ABU Robocon 2011 which will be held in Bangkok. Judging from the video animation, seemed ABU Robocon for this year is more exciting than previous years. But for me, ABU robocon the most interesting is Robocon in 2007 .. 🙂

Logo abu robocon 2011

Theme for ABU Robocon 2011 Bangkok is “Loy Krathong, Lighting Happiness with Friendship”.
The theme is adapted from the Loy Krathong ceremony which is a traditional Thai ceremony to honor the Goddess of the river. The vibrant activity is held in Thailand on the full moon night in November every year. A “krathong” is a small boat usually made of cut banana stems and leaves. Loy Krathong revelers put flowers, candles and joss sticks on their tiny boats before releasing them into a river and leaving them to float downstream.

Download ABU Robocon 2011 Bangkok Theme and Rules:
Animation Video: LINK
Theme and Rules: LINK

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