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ABB Robots installed by RG Luma are helping specialist food company Honeytop to speed up its pancake production and improve health, safety & hygiene. William Eid a director of Honeytop comments “This is our first investment in robotics technology and we have not experienced a single issue sincethe installation 6 months ago”

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25 thoughts on “ABB Robotics – Picking pancakes

  1. WTF? “Stringent hygienic standards” and then they show people handling the pancakes WITHOUT GLOVES??

  2. yeah, they free people! so that people have more time to stand in unemployment lines. . . if we had small family owned farms we wouldn’t be this far up the shit creek. I suggest that we get a robot to free you from your job. (lol)

  3. thats a lot of effeort just for pancakes, i think we should be looking at how we can use technology to feed the poor/sick

  4. At the same time, you’re eliminating jobs for low skilled workers. People that don’t have, or worse, can’t afford a college education. These same people, when put out of jobs by machines, can no longer afford the products made, even at the lower cost.

  5. I agree. That doesn’t seem like super hygiene if they use their bare hands to touch the pancakes.

  6. They’re not robbing anyone from jobs. They’re simply performing better at repetitive, monotonous tasks than humans could. These machines free people. If the same work can be done cheaper, better and with a fraction of the cost that makes products cheaper and more available. You aren’t suggesting we’d get rid of tractors and start plowing field by hand or start weaving fabrics by hand? No one could afford food or clothes in that case.

  7. I wish they could have eliminated the two guys that touch the pancakes with thier hands. No Gloves, and one guy is wearing a ring, NASTY!!

  8. It’s good that robots do these kinds of jobs. I’d kill myself if I’d work stacking pancakes for 30 years. These machines free people to more useful things.

  9. quite possibly the most ridiculous choice of music possible, for a video like this.

    absolutely hilarious!

  10. And machines are more productive and cheaper: they’re faster, can work 24 hours without fatigue mistakes and save a ton of money on all the costs involved with human labor like salary, training, facilities, management, workers demanding higher pay, dealing with temp workers and theft.

  11. ALL jobs, besides those that require creative/artistic skills, can be taken over by a machine. Doctors, Lawyers, teachers, you name it. . .

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