4 Legs Walking Robot Tutorial

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4 Legs walking Robot

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Once I made this robot to get some study points while I was studying at the Technical High school in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. I made this in my limited free time, that is why it took me about a year to finish the project. A lot of the used techniques where new, so the research took a lot of the time, but is also the reason why this project had great value to me.

Before I started developing the robot I made a few targets:

  • The robot have to move by legs.
  • The robot must be able to avoid objects which are detected by some sort of sensors.
  • The robot has to operate as stand alone.
  • The robot has to have an PC interface to be able to test different movement routines.\

The result is a stand alone operating robot, which is able to detect objects and avoid these. The robot works for about 1,5 hour with an 1AH 7,2V NiCd battery. Calculate back, this means the robot uses about 650mA. This pretty high power usage is mainly caused by the 8 servo motors.

The full tutorial, just click here

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  1. please send me the full details of the circuit and the components you used and where can it be bought and some explanation on how the whole projects works……..reply at my e-mail add.thank you expecting to hear you reply soon

  2. can u please send the full report of this project to my e-mail as soon as possible?
    i want to made this project

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